“From Universe to Universe”

SHAKA Foundation returns human to their nature for the goodness of the universe


SHAKA Foundation is a foundation helping people release stress and pressures of life through TRE method that uses human body’s intelligence, and can be done by anyone.

Back to Human Being

Humans are naturally born with goodness, but stress and pressure experienced in life can prevent a person from reaching the best point in themselves. The TRE method used by SHAKA Foundation is able to get someone back to their nature to continue to do good.


Unwittingly, true happiness comes when someone does good to others. If this kind of happiness definition continues to be spread, this will create a better community in the future.


The goodness and happiness spread makes humans not hesitate to share, move, inspire and empower each other. This is what makes goodness return to the universe.

Healing with Unique Healing

The method used by SHAKA Foundation is to help someone recover from any form of tensions or stress, namely, Tension & Stress Releasing Exercises (TRE). TRE is a technique that uses the body’s intelligence to release stress, tensions in the body, and emotions that have long been accumulated in human’s life. 

Through the TRE method, someone is expected to be able to eliminate the symptoms of illness caused by psychosomatic conditions, make the body refreshed and productive, restore confidence, restore the locked potential in community to create a better generation of the nation.

Shaka Foundations Creating a Better World

Joyful Teachers, Happy Students

SHAKA Foundation releases its first program, Joyful Teacher, Happy Students, aiming at teachers throughout Indonesia.

This program aims to help school teachers to be happier, relax, help release the pressures and stress they face. With a better teacher’s condition, this will help the students become better too.

This activity was carried out in Lingga Islands precisely in Dabo Singkep & Daik Lingga on November 27-28, 2019. The event was attended by the Head of the Education Office of Lingga District and 229 teachers.

  • Bantuan Healing Woman Abusing

    Location: Indonesia

    Funding Goal: Rp60,000,000.00

  • Bantuan Gempa Palu

    Location: Indonesia

    Funding Goal: Rp80,000,000.00

  • Santunan Panti Asuhan Al Hikmah

    Location: Indonesia

    Funding Goal: Rp80,000,000.00

  • Gempa Bumi di Lombok

    Location: Indonesia

    Funding Goal: Rp500,000,000.00

    Raised: Rp120,000,035.00

    Funded percent: 24.00 %

    Date expired

Heal Your Soul by Caring for Others

When sharing with others, we really do not lose anything. Instead, by sharing we will get more, like peacefulness and true happiness. Sharing is not only about materials, but also giving time, attention, training and assistance to those in need.

Everyone experiences stress, emotions and life pressures. When allowed and accumulated, whether we realize it or not, these will disrupt our physical health. Of course, this experience is not only for us but also for others. Let’s share together to support and assist each other in need.

Tons of locations worldwide need heal

DR. David Barceli is the creator of the Tension and Stress Releasing Exercise (TRE) method. He is also an international expert in the field of trauma intervention. He has lived in Nine countries to design recovery programs and provide trauma relief workshops for various organizations around the world.

Dr. David Berceli has taught TRE to thousands of people including soldiers, emergency workers, victims of natural disasters, violence, torture and crime, as well as those who are experiencing stress and pressures of life. At present TRE has spread across more than 60 countries.

We Don’t Need Any Fancy Words, We Just Want to Change the World

“With the activities conducted by SHAKA Foundation, now I feel fresh, my mind is very clear. When my body vibrated from this activity, suddenly my neck made a sound. It turned out that the vibrations came out of my tonsils, because I had tonsillitis...”

Desri AfrizalKepala Sekolah

“Everyday I am busy with various activities from morning to night, so there is no time to calm down. Through this activity, although it’s brief but very useful. My soul became calm, I felt that what had not been released, was released...”


“In this activity I was given a new experience, in the sense that I was there vibrating. The vibrations that I felt, relieved my trauma. After doing this, it felt like my inner burden, the trauma that I experienced was released...”

Nurmi FadilahGuru

“Teacher’s Psychology is very important when teaching, when the teacher is happy, when the teacher enjoys, when the teacher does not have a lot of thought and pressures, the teacher will teach the students well...”

Yuyun YuliantiGuru