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Testimonials from Shaka Foundation beneficiaries

"With the activities conducted by SHAKA Foundation, now I feel fresh, my mind is very clear. When my body vibrated from this activity, suddenly my neck made a sound. It turned out that the vibrations came out of my tonsils, because I had tonsillitis. The vibration was getting stronger so I could not help it. This was not manipulated, but it’s my real experience during this activity that the body vibrations that were released did not use the mind, so the body movements that we did naturally, made our body vibrated and everything became calm, relaxed, there was a change in me after I participated in this activity "

Desri AfrizalPrincipal

"Everyday I am busy with various activities from morning to night, so there is no time to calm down. Through this activity, although it’s brief but very useful. My soul became calm, I felt that what had not been released, was released. Alhamdulillah (praise to Allah), today I could feel it. I feel that this activity is very positive and important for teachers because everyday the teachers face students with various behavior levels.
The teachers have other activities as well as dealing with students, so sometimes there is emotions built-up, anger, irritation and so forth. Hopefully with this activity the teachers can have more self-control, to control their emotions, be it angry, upset and etc. Hopefully this activity can be carried out by the teachers so that they can educate students better than before. "


"In this activity I was given a new experience, in the sense that I was there vibrating. The vibrations that I felt, relieved my trauma. After doing this, it felt like my inner burden, the trauma that I experienced was released. Thanks to TRE, bad things that affected my experience have been released.
Hopefully this TRE activity will have a positive impact on us, and also provide changes and new innovations for us to teach our students later through the activities organized by the SHAKA Foundation "

Nurmi FadilahTeacher

"Teacher’s Psychology is very important when teaching, when the teacher is happy, when the teacher enjoys, when the teacher does not have a lot of thought and pressures, the teacher will teach the students well. There are teachers who are depressed so their teaching becomes emotional, and that affects students. When the teachers are happy, the students study happily too,

Yuyun YuliantiTeacher


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