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Testimonials from Shaka Foundation Beneficiaries.

"With the activities carried out by SHAKA Foundation, now I feel fresh, my mind is very clear. When my body shakes from this activity, suddenly my neck makes a sound. It turns out that the vibrations came out of my stubble, because I have tonsillitis. The vibrations were getting strong so that I could not hold it in. This is not engineering, but it is real I experienced from this activity that the body shakes that are released do not use the mind, so from the body movements that we do naturally, make the body vibrate and everything becomes relaxed, relaxed, there is a change in myself after I joined this activity. "

Desri AfrizalHeadmaster

"Every morning is preoccupied with various activities from morning to night, so there is no time to calm down. Through this activity, though briefly but very beneficial. I feel my soul to be calm, feel channeled what has not been issued. Thank God today can feel, I feel this activity is very positive and important for the teacher because everyday teachers face students whose behavior levels vary.
The teacher has other activities as well, dealing with students as well, sometimes there are emotional heaps, anger, annoyance and so forth. Hopefully with this activity the teacher can be more self-control, emotional, be it angry, upset and so forth. Hopefully this activity can be carried out by teachers so that they can educate children better than before. "


"In this activity I was given a different experience, in the sense that I was here getting a shaking. The vibrations that I felt were relieving my trauma. After following this, it felt like an inner burden, the trauma that I experienced was plong. Thanks to TRE, bad things what influenced me about those experiences was gone.
Hopefully this TRE activity will have a positive impact on us, and also provide changes and new innovations for us to teach our students later through the activities faced by the SHAKA Foundation "

Nurmi FadilahTeacher

"Psychological teacher in teaching is very important, when the teacher is happy, when the teacher enjoys, when the teacher does not have much thought, there is not much pressure, he will teach good things to his children. There are teachers who are stressed so that teaching becomes full of emotion, and it affects the children. when the teacher is happy, they also learn it cool. "

Yuyun YuliantiTeacher

"The experience during this activity, I felt something very extraordinary and this is the first experience that I experienced. During this time, if in the malls there is therapy using tools and facilities, but this is using the strength of our bodies. The influence of body vibrations, all this time, I felt a pain in my feet like a gout, but now how come it feels light and the feeling feels relieved."


"This is extraordinary. The burden that we release, when we are vibrating and the vibration is not made up.
What I feel most physically, I have not been able to sit cross-legged for a long time and now I can and this is the benefit I feel the most. Then the feeling feels plong and happy. Hopefully the benefits of this TRE will always be felt forever through SHAKA Foundation."

Rismawaty SitumorangTeacher

"I am a young family and just blessed with children. These past few weeks, I have many burdens, which are the burden of the mind. When I participate in this activity seriously and appreciate, feel like a refreshing body itself. During the activity, I tried to hold back laughter but could not and finally, laughing to the point of disappearing itself, and so with the third session, there is a feeling of wanting to cry, and suddenly disappearing and laughing again to the end.
This is good for us, especially for those who have many problems. This is a very extraordinary experience. Thank you, Mr. Hindra and the SHAKA Foundation team"

Ademas NugrahaTeacher

Honestly did not believe it initially. I think, this is therapy as usual. But after I followed from beginning to end, I felt physical refreshment. This is truly extraordinary.
I also felt, especially the family burden that I really felt. Today, I can feel more relieved, more empty, and less burdened.
TRE through this SHAKA Foundation is the best.


"I was laughing, but I don't know what caused it. Then focus on my own body, there I began to cry and I didn't know what I was crying about. but I could imagine the face of my mom, dad and because I was homesick.
After I cried out loud and strong, suddenly laughed again and didn't know what caused it. But in my mind with a very conscious, pictured the faces of my close friends when we joked at school and on campus.
Now I feel relieved, and emotion is released, which was 100% and now healed to under 20%"

Miss MeriahTeacher

"I felt the pressure for so long, which was lumping and piling up. During the activity, tightness in the chest and burst into tears first. And then, I felt loose all the weight on the chest.
During the second cry, I sang during the storm. So, here happens between recovering my physical and restoring my emotions. Physically, migraine and now disappear, then the pressure on the shoulder also disappears and negative emotions are released and can forgive."

Molina TambunanTeacher


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